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Yes! We can ship international, however we are unable to account for any additional duties, fees or taxes (VAT, etc.) that buyers could be charged when the package arrives in their country. Additionally, we are unable to cover the cost for international shipping, even above our normal free shipping minimums.

Our handkerchiefs are 12" x 12" - give or take some depending on the tautness of the linen when cutting.

Our handkerchiefs are made of a prewashed linen fabric so any shrinkage should be kept to 3% or less.

To prevent even minimal shrinkage - avoid high heats. We recommend washing in cool water & air-drying.

If overdried, handkerchiefs may crunch up, however they should return to near original dimensions after rewetting or ironing.

We hope you love your handkerchiefs, but we understand that everyone’s taste is a little different.

Do to the intimate nature of our handkerchiefs we are unable to offer returns, however if you are unsatisfied with your purchase we will gladly refund your order within 60 days from the order date.

To begin the process, please send us an email at with your order number.

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Our handkerchiefs are made of flax fibers which have been shown to mildly inhibit the growth of bacteria

Our handkerchiefs are made of linen which is widely considered to be hypoallergenic. However, as it is a natural fiber, minimal traces of allergens will still be present.

Unfortunately they are not made of organic linen. In fact, less than 1% of the linen produced each year is certified organic.

However, linen is an incredibly eco-friendly fabric and we are very comfortable obtaining our linen from Masters of Linen certified producers who source exclusively 100% European traceable flax.

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Yes, the idea that they are not is simply untrue. We have been hard-pressed to find any legitimate scientific studies claiming that handkerchiefs are unsanitary.

What matters most is that your hands are kept clean. 

In fact, handkerchiefs largely improve personal hygiene by providing a handsfree way of touching one's face as well as covering coughs and sneezes.

Most tissues are made from virgin-fiber (fresh cut trees).

This is done because virgin fibers produce a softer and more absorbent tissue.

However, there are definitely retailers out there who do offer tissues made from recycled fibers. The Natural Resource Defense Council's "Issue with Tissue" Report is a great place to check out which tissue companies are producing with recycled fibers.

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