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Made in the USA from sustainably-sourced Irish Linen, capturing the material’s historic craftsmanship and high performance attributes
Irish Linen Handkerchiefs Made in USA


Soft, absorbent, durable handkerchiefs


Sustainable eco-friendly handkerchiefs


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Alpine 5 - White
Eucalyptus 3 - Spearmint Green
Alpine 5 Gift Box - White
Alpine 16 - 5 - White
Natural Flax - Linen handkerchief - 5 Pack
Osiris 5 - Natural Flax

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5 Irish Linen Handkerchief Bundle - White

Alpine 5

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5 Irish Linen Handkerchief Bundle

Osiris 5

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5 Irish Linen Handkerchief Bundle

Rearden 5

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2 Year Guarantee

Tired of handkerchiefs that don't last? Us too.

We’re in the business of making handkerchiefs that last for years, not months. That’s why we guarantee our handkerchiefs will withstand everything you throw (or sneeze) at them for 2 years. If the linen or stitching does not hold up, we will provide a replacement.



Darby H.
Ok these are so beautiful. Was not expecting the material to be this soft, amazing work


Patrick B.
I take my hanky with me everywhere. It has seen dozens of uses, many of them unforeseen before purchasing. Cleans and dries easily and effectively.


Sean R.
Game Changer - Never realized how useful a handkerchief could be. Gotten to the point where I can't leave the house without it