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White - Linen handkerchief - 5 Pack
Alpine 5 - White
Magenta - Linen handkerchief - 3 Pack
Mendoza 3 - Magenta


Natural Flax - Linen handkerchief - 5 Pack
Osiris 5 - Natural Flax
Alpine 7 - White
Rearden 5 - Iron Grey
Sora 5 - Light Blue
Rearden 3 - Iron Grey


High Performance Daily-Use Handkerchiefs

Why Irish Linen?

irish linen handkerchiefs - made in USA - best handkerchief material

Historic Craftsmanship

Irish Linen remains the opposite of fast fashion – a rare display of generational mastery

High Performance

Perfectly-weighted to balance softness with durability & absorbency with rapid drying

Sustainably Sourced

Support artisanal European farmers who have grown the best flax in the world for centuries, the right way

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Darby H.
Ok these are so beautiful. Was not expecting the material to be this soft, amazing work


Patrick B.
I take my hanky with me everywhere. It has seen dozens of uses, many of them unforeseen before purchasing. Cleans and dries easily and effectively.


Sean R.
Game Changer - Never realized how useful a handkerchief could be. Gotten to the point where I can't leave the house without it
Sustainably sourced linen for handkerchiefs woven in Ireland - Made in USA

Sustainably Sourced

Straight-Line Supply Chain

Grown in Belgium - Woven in Northern Ireland - Made in USA

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100% Irish Linen

"Beautiful enough to be worn by Kings and Queens and durable enough to use as feed sacks and airplane wings."

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Authentic and historic Irish Linen handkerchiefs

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