The Planet Today

Inspired Simplicity

Vala Alta was founded with the mission of discovering creative and compelling alternatives that work to more closely align our needs with those of the environment.

We aspire to help further individuals on their pursuit of simplicity and harmony.

Our handkerchiefs are made of the ecofriendly and underutilized linen material.

Tissue Use Statistic Image
Approximately 7.6 billion pounds of paper tissue and towel waste is created in the United States each year

Wood Weight

The same amount of wood needed to build 98,500 U.S. Homes

Wood Volume

A solid wood volume greater than 2 Great Pyramid of Gizas

Forested Area

Harvested from a forested area the size of 11.6 Manhattan Islands

Forestry Resources as a Climate Solution

The role of forestry resources in decarbonizing our world