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The Everyday Handkerchief

For those who wish to go further, lighter

Don't Be Left Stranded

Rest knowing you'll be covered whenever, however you need

Save Your Nose

Remedy contact dermatitis from abrasive and chemically intensive tissues

Handsfree Personal Care

Maximize skincare & keep your pores clean with handsfree face touching

Reduce Your Footprint

Reduce your personal waste by over 25 lbs per year


Darby H.
Ok these are so beautiful. Was not expecting the material to be this soft, amazing work


Patrick B.
I take my hanky with me everywhere. It has seen dozens of uses, many of them unforeseen before purchasing. Cleans and dries easily and effectively.


Sean R.
Game Changer - Never realized how useful a handkerchief could be. Gotten to the point where I can't leave the house without it

Superior Comfort

Handkerchiefs glide against your skin and never irritate


Woven of the strongest plant-based fiber in the world


Absorbs up to 2X handkerchief's weight in water before dripping

Large pore spaces maximize speed of moisture uptake

Rapid Drying

Air passes through fibers at 4X the speed of a cotton equivalent

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can ship international, however we are unable to account for any additional duties, fees or taxes (VAT, etc.) that buyers could be charged when the package arrives in their country. Additionally, we are unable to cover the cost for international shipping, even above our normal free shipping minimums.

Our handkerchiefs are made of a prewashed linen fabric so shrinkage should be kept to 3% or less. To prevent even minimal shrinkage - avoid tumble drying on high heat. We recommend washing in cool water & air-drying. If overdried, handkerchiefs may wrinkle, however they should return to normal dimensions after rewetting or ironing.

Any handkerchief that doesn't wrinkle isn't one that you want; that means it's made of synthetic fibers which are poor for functionality & the environment. We love linen's natural, lived-in look, especially because our handkerchiefs are made for use, not for show.

According to the E.P.A., over 7.6 billion pounds of paper tissues & towel waste is created in the U.S. each year. This is a problem because most tissues are made from virgin-fiber (fresh cut trees), as they produce the softest and most absorbent tissues.

We believe that this is an inefficient use of valuable forestry resources

According to the WWF wood products can be reused up to 7 times – meaning that tissues, paper towels, and other short-lived paper products would be great candidates for recycled paper.

Reserving timber for projects that extend the useful life of forestry resources.

Some retailers do offer tissues made from recycled fibers. The NRDC's "Issue with Tissue" Report is a great place to check out a list of these companies.

For those interested in more, check out our blog post: Handkerchief vs Tissue – Environmental Impact Comparison

Not at all, the beauty of handkerchiefs lies in their endless utility. Absorb the elements of the the outdoors, wipe your sweat at the gym or in yoga, use them as an eco-friendly way to dry your hands in public, the list goes on. Handkerchiefs adapt to the day-to-day needs of your life!

Yes, in fact, handkerchiefs often improve personal hygiene by providing a contactless way of covering coughs and sneezes & offer a handsfree way of touching your face (keep those pores clean!). All that matters is that handkerchiefs are washed after daily use and your hands are kept clean, which you do already.

Not to mention, our handkerchiefs are naturally antibacterial.

We each spend approximately $55.27 per year* on tissues, paper towels & napkins, however by switching to handkerchiefs you can cut that number significantly.

We'd like to dodge the tissue tax and stop wasting money on garbage as much as possible.

*Computed by taking the total household paper spend per person and subtracting out the percentage attributable to toilet paper.

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